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About Us

Ram-Gear was founded in 1990 to provide parts and services to the South Texas oil patch. Today we have customers in 11 countries in multiple industries.

Gear Manufacturing

Pumping Unit Service

Pumping Unit Sales

Gear Manufacturing

Ram-Gear manufactures gears and pinions for various industries and applications. All raw materials are sourced from Texas and the parts are machined at our facility in Alice, TX.


Pumping Unit Gears

Ram-Gear manufactures replacement gears for over 50 brands of pumping units. These include:

  • Lufkin
  • American
  • Churchill
  • Bethlehem
  • Jensen
  • Cabot – CMI
  • Emsco
  • National
  • Legrand
  • Oilwell


Drawworks & Mud, Frac and SWD Pump Gears

We manufacture replacement gears for drawworkstriplex pumps and quintuplex pumps for various brands including:

  • National
  • Continental Emsco
  • Wheatley
  • Ideco
  • Ajax
  • Omega
  • Gardner Denver
  • Gaso
  • Eweco


Other Industries

We also manufacture gears for these industries:

  • Industrial / Chemical
  • Agriculture: Gins & Mills
  • Tractors
  • Plastics (Extruders)
  • Mining
  • Marine

Gear Cutting Capabilities

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Pumping Unit Service

Ram-Gear is a full-service pumping unit shop. We provide services to South Texas and the Eagle Ford shale.


Field Services

With a fleet including a 60 ton crane, 35 ton crane, Bucket Truck and a Haul truck, Ram-Gear performs all your pumping unit service needs on all size units:

  • New unit installs
  • Moving units from one site to another (Field Move)
  • Wrist pin hole repair in the field (Bore and Sleeve)
  • Remove, repair and install structural bearings:
    1. Saddle Bearing (Center Bearing)
    2. Tail Bearing (Equalizer Bearing)
    3. Wrist Pin Bearing (Crank Pin Bearing)
    4. Samson Post Bearing (Mark 2 & Air Balanced Units)
    5. Cross Yoke Bearing (Mark 2)


Electronic Preventative Maintenance and Inspection Reports

Ram-Gear’s Ramaps© product is the world’s leader in electronic Preventative Maintenance and Inspection reporting with inspectors in 5 different countries.
Ramaps© utilizes transparent picture-driven online reports. It also automates inspection and maintenance schedules that trigger email alerts as services are programmed, executed and quoted.


Gearbox Repair

Our specialty is gearbox repair. We provide the following gearbox services:

  • Manufacture replacement gears, pinions and shafts
  • Press on and off crank arms, gears and bearings
  • Repair gear case and caps

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Pumping Unit Sales

Ram-Gear has refurbished over 300 pumping units for resale. We carry units from size 10 to 640 in our inventory at any one time.


Pumping Unit Parts

We manufacture and provide the following for new and obsolete pumping units:

  • Structural Bearings:
    1. Saddle (Center)
    2. Wrist pin (Crank pin)
    3. Tail (Equalizer)
    4. Samson Post
    5. Cross Yoke
  • Gearbox Components:
    1. Gears
    2. Pinions
    3. Bearings


Refurbished Pumping Units

Our refurbished units go through Ram-Gear’s 131 point inspection once they’ve been acquired. We replace worn structural bearing assemblies, gearbox components and reinforce structural weaknesses. When properly maintained our reconditioned units will run for decades.


Warranty Plans

We offer the following warranty plans:

  1. Standard 1 year warranty: Unit defects
  2. Extended 3 year warranty:
    • Installation
    • Monthly preventative maintenance
    • Biannual 131 point inspections
    • Unit defects
  3. Extended 5 year warranty

Conditions and terms apply.


Downhole Equipment, Gas Engines and Electric Motors

Utilizing our experience sizing pumping units in the South Texas and Eagle Ford shale plays we can outfit your units with the right equipment. We provide:

  • Electric Motors
  • Gas Engines
  • Sucker Rods
  • Downhole Pumps

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